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Good Greens? Does it suggest that there are bad greens? Yes and no, because the good greens can became bad for our health as a result of pesticidal residues they carry into our body by regular or rare consumption. The way the greens are cultivated decides their goodness and health virtues.

Here are few young people who thought of the dangerous impacts of pesticides and chemical agriculture, decided to retain the virtues of greens to serve the Chennai city customers and also encourage the farming community to take up this good greens cultivation not as an experiment but as a lifelong experiential association.

At Good Greens Farm, all are welcome to unlearn and learn, Regularly Mutual Learning Sessions are facilitated to enrich organic methods of agriculture. Late Dr. Nammalvar was one of the guiding spirits of such sessions. though we may not replace him we not definitely realize his dreams through constantly striving towards spread of sustainable sound agriculture technologies.

Our aim is not only Commercial Success but also Ecological Sustainability and we strongly believe that sustainability will ensure success.